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A central desert of Water, Fire and Ice:

An exceptional place where all forces of nature
fight between them to give magic spectacles..


Krafla Iceland

Ultra-Volcanic site of Krafla = Absolute Danger!


Askja Iceland

Askja, Volcano in the center of Iceland... Made up of two craters:
Largest is an ice water lake....Brrrr !
The small one on the right contains a siliceous water (one would say milk)
We bathed there... 27°centigrade!


Gjallandi iceland

Falls of GJALLANDI of the thousands of m3 at the second.....

toyota kzj73 on glacier

Face of the Myrdalsjökul glacier covered with volcanic ash


fluo foam of Lakagigar iceland

Flourescente foam carpet on the lava of Lakagigar...
A little moisture and the life appears in its primary form

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